"In these turbulent times a source of calmness is more essential than ever.The Calm app brings meditation to the user in an easy and effortless way."

Join millions around the globe who are experiencing better sleep, lower stress and less anxiety.

What do you get with Calm?

Guided Meditations

Hundreds of hours of meditations to help you relax your mind and body.

Sleep Stories

150+ Sleep Stories, with new ones added each week to lull you into a deep and restful slumber.

Calm Music

Exclusive music from artist like Sam Smith, Moby, Above & Beyond, Sigur Ros, to help you focus, relax and sleep

And more...

Soothing nature sounds and scenes, breathing programs, stretching exercises and more.

Do you have a resilient mind?

Train Your Mind

Learn secrets to keeping calm under pressure and performing at the highest levels with LeBron James. Exclusively in the Calm app.

LeBron James

Drift off with Sleep Stories narrated by iconic voices


Join Matthew McConaughey for a dreamy story about the mysteries of the universe, in a heartfelt tale full of magic and wonder.

Matthew McConaughey

What others say


“Calm is an app with meditations for every possible scenario. There are meditations for walking, ones for acute anxiety, ones to help you sleep, ones to help you concentrate.”


“Today, the “sleep” tab on Calm features exclusive hour long compositions from alt-rock instrumental stars Moby and Sigur Rós, among soporific New Age-y playlists like “Chasing Wonder,” “Healing Piano” and “Sleep Like a Baby.”


“The aptly named Calm app is a firm favourite in the Refinery29 offices – it gives you guided meditations, calming music and gentle stretching exercises to help you centre yourself and stop your brain whirring so much.”

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